Your Momentun Health how-to guide for 2014

Momentum Health is a medical aid that can benefit you just as much in times of health as it does in times of sickness.

So let us help you navigate your way through the many added offerings that Momentum provides and start enhancing both your health and your wealth, without it costing you anything extra.

A. Check your health status for FREE

Your medical aid includes a Health Platform benefit which allows you and your family to have certain health checks and screening tests done annually. Why? Because we know prevention is better than cure and often the early warning signs (such as elevated cholesterol or blood pressure readings) can alert you to take the necessary health steps, thereby avoiding a more serious condition from developing. The Health Platform gives you free access to market leading maternity benefits, a host of preventative screening tests and emergency evacuation benefits.

How do you access these benefits?

The preventative and early detection tests are paid by Momentum Health up to a maximum Rand amount per benefit. You have to notify us prior to using any of these benefits to ensure that it gets paid by the Scheme (and not from your day-today benefits or Savings). You can do this by:
— Phoning the member call centre on 0860 11 78 59, or contact us at Trulogic for assistance, or
— Logging on to Momentum Health at and requesting authorisation online from the Health Platform link (you can do this using your mobile device too).
The Health Assessment covered under the Health Platform, covers the following tests: blood pressure, cholesterol (finger prick), blood sugar (finger prick) and BMI (your weight and height measurement). These tests are available annually to all adult beneficiaries covered on your membership.
The Health Assessment is also the first step to earning HealthReturns.

B. Earn cash PLUS extra GP visits PLUS increased hospital cover through HealthReturns

HealthReturns is a Momentum offering that is available to all Momentum Health members on the Access, Custom, Incentive, Extender and Summit Options (at NO extra cost per month), to reward members for taking responsibility for their health status. That includes taking chronic medicine (where a chronic condition exists) and being active. The more active you are, the more HealthReturns you will earn – it is as easy as that!

So how does it work?

Three easy steps will get you started:

Step 1, Go to any of the Dis-Chem, Clicks, Pick-n-Pay or MediRite pharmacy clinics to have your Health Assessment done.
By logging on to, you can track your Health Assessment results online.
Step 2, Depending on your Health Assessment result, Momentum Health may contact you to recommend further interventions, with which you will need to comply with in order to earn HealthReturns.
Step 3, Be active - the following measurements of activity will count towards earning HealthReturns:

Your gym visits count as activity if you belong to Planet Fitness or Virgin Active through Momentum’s rewards programme, Multiply. If you prefer to run or cycle outdoors, you can order a pedometer from Momentum and download these steps to the Momentum website.
—----- How do you order a pedometer? Log on to where you can order a pedometer online.
—----- What does it cost? The price you pay will depend on your Multiply status, e.g. if you are on Silver status, you will pay R199 for a pedometer.

If you prefer to rather engage in other forms of activity, e.g. swimming, rock climbing, canoeing, etc, you can opt to go for a fitness assessment every 6 months and your fitness level will also be taken as a measurement of activity.
— Where can a fitness assessment be done? Visit any Virgin Lifecare or Wellness Coaching Network facility where a registered biokineticist will be able to do this assessment for you. The cost of the fitness assessment
can be claimed from your HealthSaver (if you have one) and will be in the region of R215 (R205 if you belong to Multiply).

If you like to monitor your progress online, you can also make use of the Multiply FitTrack Fitness Index and upload data from a heart rate monitor or your Multiply pedometer to calculate your fitness level.
— Finally, if you are a participant in the annual Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge, your finishing time in the race will determine your HealthReturns level for the next 6 months.
Note: If you take part in more than one of the activities above, we will base your HealthReturns amount on the highest level of activity every month.

HealthReturns – the monetary rewards you get:

Based on the level of activity, every adult in your family can earn as much as R150 per month in HealthReturns.
If you belong to Multiply (Momentum’s rewards programme), we will increase that amount to R300 per month per adult in your pocket.
If you choose to increase the amount even more, you can opt to have your HealthReturns paid into a HealthSaver (see section C), and you will get up to 3x R150 = R450 for members on the top activity level who also belong to Multiply.
R450 per month equates to R5 400 per year…
now isn’t that real value for money?

HealthReturns – the benefit rewards you get:

HealthReturns is not only about monetary rewards. This incentive will also give you additional benefits based on your activity.
(i) Extra GP Visits
By maintaining a healthy level of activity (levels 4 or 5) for three consecutive months, you qualify for:

Custom Option: 1 free GP visit (at Any doctor if you have chosen State or Any as your chronic provider. If you have chosen Associated as your
chronic provider, then the visit is at an Associated doctor).

Incentive Option: 2 free GP visits (at Any doctor if you have chosen State or Any as your chronic provider. If you have chosen Associated as your
chronic provider, then the visit is at an Associated doctor).

Extender Option: 4 free GP visits (at Any doctor if you have chosen State or Any as your chronic provider. If you have chosen Associated as your
chronic provider, then the visit is at an Associated doctor).

Summit Option: 4 free GP visits at Any doctor.

The GP visits earned can be used by any of the beneficiaries covered under your membership, within 12 months of qualifying for this benefit.

(ii) Increased in-hospital cover (RateBooster)

The HealthReturns RateBooster is only applicable to members on the Incentive, Extender and Summit Options. Members on these options who earn HealthReturns into their HealthSaver accounts and who maintain HealthReturns Activity level 4 or 5 for three consecutive months, will have their in-hospital specialist cover increased by 100% of the Momentum Health Rate. That means:
Incentive and Extender members will be eligible for up to 300% (instead of 200%) of the Momentum Health Rate, and
Summit members will be eligible for up to 400% (instead of 300%) of the Momentum Health Rate.
The RateBooster will be valid for a period of 12 months from earning it and can be used by any of the beneficiaries covered on your membership.

C. HealthSaver

HealthSaver is your passport to having more day-to-day benefits. Normally, members who run out of medical aid savings during a year, will have to consider changing their option to ensure they have more cover the following year. With HealthSaver, you can choose to only increase (or decrease) your savings without it affecting the rest of your option. It represents complete flexibility and gives you the choice of what you need (and can afford).

How does it work?
You do not have to pay money into your HealthSaver, it could simply be the account where you receive your HealthReturns. If you wish to provide for additional day-to-day healthcare expenses, you get to choose how much, and can easily change that amount. If you choose to make monthly contributions (minimum of R100 per month), you can apply for a credit facility. The maximum annual credit allowed is R19 200 (based on a monthly contribution of R1 600), and the granting of credit is subject to NCA requirements.

You can also contribute any lump sum amounts in addition to monthly payments. No transaction or administration fees are charged so you enjoy the full value of every rand you contribute. Cash withdrawals and transfers are not allowed, but the balance in this account gets paid out to you four months after you closed the account. Interest is payable on positive
balances of more than R5 000, according to a scale based on the actual balance in the account. An interest rate of prime plus 6% is charged on negative balances. Interest is calculated at the end of each month on the daily change in the HealthSaver balance.

How do you activate your HealthSaver?
You need to complete HealthSaver application form before we can activate your account. You can download this form by logging on to

What can you use this money for?
HealthSaver funds may be used to pay for any healthcare-related expenses not covered by your option, including:
— Medication (provided it has a NAPPI code)
— Services rendered by a registered healthcare provider, provided it has a tariff code
— Claims that exceed available Scheme benefits, such as specialised dentistry and refractive eye surgery
— Treatment that is excluded by the Scheme, e.g. cosmetic surgery, and
— Co-payments payable for hospitalisation, MRI and CT scans or medication.

D. Multiply

Multiply is Momentum’s rewards programme, where you can earn rewards and points for doing the everyday things that enable you to live a healthy, active and financially fit lifestyle. As you do these things, you help improve your Multiply status (starting at Bronze, then progressing to Silver, Gold, Platinum and Private Club) and, accordingly, improve the level of discounts you receive.
Full Multiply membership attracts a monthly contribution based on family size. From 2014, all Momentum Health members have access to Base Multiply for free. Base Multiply membership will give you access to free offers and benefits, such as 10% discount on Virgin Active gym membership fees, as well as discounts at online shopping partners.
The full Multiply membership extends these benefits to more than 40 partners. And remember, by having full Multiply, you can increase your HealthReturns payments too.

E. Momentum Health at your finger tips

With the busy lives that many of us have, there isn’t always time to phone your medical aid during office hours. And, in fact, when time is really precious, we tend to postpone going to the GP too, even though that nagging ailment does not want to subside.
Momentum Health understands this all too well. That’s why we give our members access to their medical aid through their mobile phones and, in fact, have incorporated features like “finding a healthcare provider near you” in the event that you need to get to a doctor fast. You can also check to see if your claims have been paid and even request an authorisation via your phone app, even if it is after hours.
And for that nagging ailment, Momentum Health has partnered with Hello Doctor (an online health resource which gives you access to expert medical professionals). Apart from the host of information and discussion forums on different medical conditions, there are also options to access a doctor for a one-to-one consultation online.

For more info contact Trulogic on 021 852 6740 or leave your details here and we will contact you.