The short answer to this question is that you may want to leave it up to your broker to advise you on which insurance company in South Africa to put your trust in. But, be aware, make sure that you are talking to an independent broker and not to a an agent that is tied to a specific Life Insurance scheme. (unless you know which insurer you want to support in which case it is fine to get advice from an agent of that scheme)

Go one step further, ask your broker to be specific about which Life Insurance schemes he is registered for as a broker. All Life Insurance brokers have to go through a registration process and complete competency tests for a particular scheme to be able to advise on and sell that schemes products. The broker will have proof of registration of all the schemes that he can legally advise you on.

All Life Insurance companies in South Africa are being kept honest and fair by the FSB, (Financial Services Board), and will have an FSB number. The FSB number must always be displayed clearly on all quotes or documents of advice. If you suspect that your best interests are not being looked after you can make inquiries at the FSB using the FSB number.

Note that this applies to your broker as well who must be registered with and provide you with an FSB number clearly visible on all documentation.

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