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Yes, unfortunately this takes too big a bite out of our budgets every month and there is no such thing as a cheap Medical Aid on South Africa!

But, that does not mean that you cannot save! 

The first step is to make sure that the Medical Aid that you are on is suitable for your requirements. You can either have too many benefits that you simply don't use because you are possibly still young or just healthy, or you could be on an option that doesn't provide for your exact requirements and you end up having to pay too much out of your pocket.

Once you are happy that you are on the best and cheapest Medical Aid for your needs, the next step is to look at adding a Gap Cover product so that you don't have to worry about sudden unbudgeted expenses due to excesses and co-payments.

With that taken care of, you need to look at maximizing the rewards, discounts and cash-backs that many Medical Aid Schemes in South Africa offer. This does take a bit of effort on your part, but is really worth it!

The good news is that Trulogic will help you maximize your rewards every step of the way!

We have our own Wellness Centre at our offices where you can do Health, Fitness and Dietitian assessments all conveniently in one place. (and you can book your appointments online by clicking here). We also guide you on the easiest way to quickly earn points based on your lifestyle and preferences which include points for doing online assessments, going to the Gym or wearing a Pedometer. (and many others)

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There is no easy answer to this as there are too many factors that need to be considered before anyone can recommend the best Medical Aid for you.

There are many Medical Aid Schemes in South Africa and each one of them have numerous options to cater for a variety of budgets and needs. To pick the one that is best for you requires in depth knowledge, experience and the right tools.

Typically if you qualify for membership of a closed scheme, the benefits and price would be such that there may be no reason for you to look elsewhere. Often membership to a closed scheme is compulsory when you work for a company that has its own Medical Aid. Making it compulsory for all employees is necessary to ensure that they have high enough volumes to manage the risk and negotiate rates with service providers.

If you look at the open scheme market you have lots of choices! The good news is that the open scheme market is very competitive so you can shop around to your hearts content. Medical Aid Schemes are also highly regulated by the Council for Medical Schemes.

At Trulogic Financial Services we use a Medical Aid comparison tool that puts the different options from different Medical Aid Schemes next to each other so you can compare apples with apples. Contact us today to book an appointment with one of our brokers to discuss this.

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PMB is an acronym for Prescribed Minimum Benefits as stipulated by the Council for Medical Schemes.

PMBs are defined by law and deal with the minimum level of diagnosis, treatment and care that your Medical Aid scheme must cover. Your Medical Aid Scheme must pay for these conditions or treatments from its risk pool, (so not from your savings for instance), and it must pay for it in full.

But, be aware! The law also makes provision for Designated Service Providers, Managed Care Protocols and Formularies.

What this means for you as a Medical Aid member is that as long as you follow the rules of your Medical Aid Scheme and use their Designated Service Providers they are bound by law to pay PMB claims in full. Should you however decide not to follow their rules, or use a doctor, specialist or other service provider that is not on the Designated Service Provider list of your scheme, you may be liable for excesses or co-payments as specified by your Medical Aid policy.

Do not assume these excesses or co-payments will be covered by your Gap Cover. Click here to read how you can make sure you are covered.

Medical Aid Schemes make use of Designated Service Providers, Managed Care Protocols and Formularies to manage their costs in providing for PMB claims and in doing so enabling them to offer cheaper premiums.

Click here to read more about Prescribed Minimum Benefits

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