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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Trulogic have a Wellness Centre?

We realized that too many of our clients are not capitalizing on the discounts, cash backs and other rewards that were available to them. The Truwellness Centre is very conveniently situated where our clients can do all their assessments very conveniently in one place.

Employment insurance or Job Insurance, what is it and how do I get it?

Employment Insurance or Job Insurance, better known as Income Protection Cover, is a type of Life Insurance policy that pays a monthly "salary" in the event that you become disabled due to injury or disease and unable to earn an income.

What is a PMB?

PMB is an acronym for Prescribed Minimum Benefits as stipulated by the Council for Medical Schemes.
PMBs are defined by law and deal with the minimum level of diagnosis, treatment and care that your Medical Aid scheme must cover. Your Medical Aid Scheme must pay for these conditions or treatments from its risk pool, (so not from your savings for instance), and it must pay for it in full.

Medical aid comparison?

Complete the 2 minute Online Quote form to get Medical Aid quotes based on your needs.



Life insurance quote?

3 Minute Online Form for Life, Disability, Critical Illness & Income Protection.