The short answer is that we would probably advise you to first have a good look at the Life Insurance policies you have and specifically any Death Cover benefits that you may have.

Many Death Cover policies include Funeral Cover as a benefit so if you are looking for a Funeral Plan just for yourself you may be covered already. If you are looking for Funeral Cover for someone else then it certainly would be in your best interest to look at the situation carefully first to determine if a Death Cover Policy with a Funeral benefit is the way to go or just a stand alone Funeral Cover policy. For instance, if one person would be left with debt to repay if the other passed away, it may be better to consider a Death Cover policy.

If you find that your Death Cover policy includes a Funeral benefit, make sure that you are aware of any waiting periods for this. Some schemes require that the Death Cover policy be at least 24 months old before you can claim on the Funeral benefit. If the Funeral Cover is available, payout usually happens within 48 hours of the necessary paperwork being done.